First steps with PyHamilton for Venus 6

Hey everyone,
I wanted to try and test PyHamilton to control Venus 6 we received for our new Hamilton STARlet.
However, I was unable to finish the steps depicted in

The first thing that was odd is that when I started the autoconfigure routine, it started the venus installer, alongside a bunch of request-for-admin-permission dialogues for a few peripheral functions (for example the Hamilton pH module). I closed this because the command line said that the autoconfig went fine.

Then I ran pyhamilton-new-project to create the dummy method (which seemed to work fine), but running the resulting .py file broke and the trace of venus showed that there are numerous errors in the oem method.

Is this related to the fact that I use Python 3.11? Where do all those errors in the oem method come from?
Help would be much appreciated.

The popups from running the autoconfig tool are actually necessary for installing PyHamilton, thats why the pH module library is not installed

I.e. re-run autoconfig and get IT for the required admin permissions?

Yes, these are all Hamilton installers, you can even install the same ones from the Hamilton library link on the forum

Thanks for your help!
I installed what was requested by the autoconfig, but ended up with a different problem this time.
When I ran the demo method, it did not start the run control, it merely opened it - when I manually started the method execution, the errors that are shown below happened. The loop of the response status code 200 would just continue for eternity. The Pyhamilton command line did not show any error.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Try this JSON installer

Thank you so much for the support!
Unfortunately, I will probably get in trouble with IT when I install this - “unknown author”, admin privileges.
Is there a way to make the changes required that does not include me getting hunted by IT security? :slight_smile:

Your IT is worried about installing executables disseminated by Hamilton, the company who made your liquid handler, but they’re ok with running third-party open-source python code?


You are absolutely right, but sometimes it is more about checking checkboxes rather than anything else. I did, however, get the Support from IT after a bit of discussion.
Thanks so much for getting me started!


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