Fluent Control 3.4

Hey everyone,

It looks like Fluent Control 3.4 has been released.

Any feedback?


I’m using FC 3.1 … so can’t comment xD

Is anyone aware if Te-Chrom smart command was released in FC 3.4? Example shown in video below.
(Credit to @KevMcGuire_Tecan for providing the video)

I assumed it was released in FC3.3 but I would have to install the TeChrom Driver which I don’t want to do in my VM :rofl:

Anyone else know? @Optimize @MikeMueller

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Hi, there is a Te-Chrom smart command available in FluentControl 3.3 but further improvements were made to it in version 3.4, particularly related to how it handles variable-ization of some of the fields in the command.

I am actively working on a Fluent Te-Chrom project. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Mike Mueller
Nucleus Automation Partners LLC
(254) 423-6771 cell

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The command is in FluentControl version 3.3 but the newly released 3.4 makes further improvements to it.

Mike Mueller
Nucleus Automation Partners LLC
(254) 423-6771 cell

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Excellent, thank you for the heads up! I don’t get this kind of news from anywhere else. Lol

Trying out the software and am running into an issue where I cannot add a lid to an existing plate using the “Add Labware” command with the GetCoverSite… functions. Typically receive a site not available error but also receive a phantom collision error when attempting this to a plate on the carousel.

First check if the lid is an allowed labware type, and otherwise I’m wondering if the software is mixing up the stacking pos with the lid pos - I can’t remember if those are designated individually or not.

The collision error could be a multitude of things. If memory serves, carousels were always a nightmare to configure perfectly. Check out the FluentControl help manual on how to properly set up the towers.

I’ve been using FC version 3.4 for roughly 6 months now. I have come across one bug that Switzerland is still working on. I’m curious if others are seeing the same phenotype. Within a liquid class I can type in a value for the zOffset, the default is “0”, I change it to “1”, and hit enter and it immediately reverts back to zero.

This happens after a fresh restart of the computer, software, hardware, etc.

Tecan Help Desk has been working on this since Feb 7, 2024. I’m curious if anyone else has seen this issue?

I have not seen this issue yet. Are you trying to change it on a default liquid class?

In the Revision History of FluentControl 3.5 there’s the following bug fix listed:

120671 Cannot edit MCA384 Liquid Class Positioning Z Offset in FC 3.4

Though you could probably also workaround by adding the offset directly in the microscript, like in the first microscript line use Set Variable zOffset = 1 and at runtime this will overwrite/update the value 0 that comes from the Detection&Positioning section of the Liquid Class.

@luisvillaautomata , this is in a duplicated default liquid class (water free single) due to the read-only aspects of the defaults. As @Snowball has mentioned, it does appear to be happening with the MCA liquid classes, as I forgot to mention in my original post. TECAN helpdesk has been working on this for a month now with little feedback, except to note it was being escalated to the software team.

I guess it is good to know they have found it to be a bug and hopefully it is fully resolved in version FC 3.5!

At least in the EU, Tecan do power user webinars that highlight what’s upcoming and new.