Fluent Control Scheduler with Cytomat

Has anybody used a cytomat integrated with their tecan system with the scheduler before? If so I’d love to see an example of your process that swaps plates in and out of the cytomat between steps

Any advice / examples are appreciated!


I’ve got examples of a process where the Fluent (ELISA workflow), handles parallel plate processes through a cooled plate hotel
let me fire up the VM and get some screenshots of the actual process


Thank you! I’d be thrilled if I could get a script from you if you would be inclined to share (I know that it wouldn’t work for me, I just want to dig in and reverse engineer how somebody properly codes a process using a cytomat, especially transferring to and from it).

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UPDATE: It turns out we were given the wrong version of driver framework with FluentControl when it was installed (3.5 vs 3.17), so plates not able to be moved back and forth between a cytomat without a complex script full of trickery. A tecan service agent noticed this by chance and updated our driver framework.
PSA to anyone who might have a similar issue to what we had : Check your driver framework version and ask their helpdesk specifically if there are any known issues with it

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The issue was that you were given 3.17 instead of 3.5? Are they even on 3.5 yet when it comes to Driver Framework?

Sorry Luis, I meant to say we were given 3.1.5 and we needed 3.1.17

Want to follow up…

How do you like the scheduler?

Wow, interesting! Do you have the arms performing different actions at the same time?

For some of our processes I want link some smaller scripts together with the scheduler (i can do it in a method) but with the option to run multiple iterations at the same time this could prove valuable to increase throughput.

Does anyone how tips on how to do this?

Or maybe upload an example script for others to have a look at

Sorry for the ultra late reply.

I can never really get the scheduler working the way I want it to, and it’s quite finicky. So my answer is no I don’t like it

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