Liquid detection with FC

we noticed if we do the aspirate and dispense of water into a 96 well plate, and then followed by a liquid detection step for the first 8 wells (first column), using 8 fixed tip, somehow tecan decided to only detect partially random of wells (some of the tips are not moving down even to detect and gave liquid levels as 0). is there a way to force it detecting liquid in all the 8 wells? was thinking about writing separate scripts to segregate reagent tranafer and liquid level detection steps, but not sure if there are better solutions.

I think there needs to be a bit more context. Is this in a variable loop where possibly the tip mask is being modified? Is the detection in microscript or a standalone step? Is it reporting 0 volume or not trying to detect at all? Is the labware definition correct? Does it detect a few wells, move, then detect the rest; even if they are all in a single column? Is the labware near the front of the deck and the FCA is only using something like the first 4 channels?

If you could provide a snippet of your script and details on the liquid detection step specifically, then there’s like a solution I could help with. The nice thing about the Fluent is that it does EXACTLY what you tell it to… it’s just not always clear what we tell it to do.

we noticed today that even without aspirate and dispense commands, it is not using all 8 tips throughout the detection process (we do have a loop to measure liquid level of a 96 deep well plate). It only reports values when the tips went down during detection command and the selected tips for detection are random. see the results file, tip 2 and 5 stayed up and gave volume as 0.

if you open the “advanced” section - curious to see if there’s a mask on the tips to use

the tip selection is blank. we used the same deepwell plate and placed another location other than on top of our tevac system and it works fine. looks like there is something special about that tevac location.

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wonder if there is a way read behind tecan command and understand more what has been running

You could try checking the log files (I think tecan has three separate log file locations :sweat: )

C:\ProgramData\Tecan\IoT Client\Logging\Setup

This one is pretty comprehensive (and convoluted)


Has some data as well about runs and errors

Good luck!