Opentrons is frozen for more than 20 minutes after protocol cancelled. Is this expected behavior?

I was running a protocol (which had 180 transfer steps) and then stopped it. The OT-2 is now frozen displaying “cancelling run” message for more than 20 minutes. Has anyone ever experienced such behaviour? If so, how did you restart the device in this situation?

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waited overnight then restarted using 0/1 switch now works

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Hey @pavel_shliaha - we have identified issues with canceling protocols that use older API levels. Are you able to share what API level your protocol is on? Can you update the API level to 2.14 or 2.15 if you can?

A hard reset with the 0/1 switch would be my suggestion for the time being until we release a fix, hopefully in an upcoming software update.

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I have experienced this in the past too. Really power cycling is the only real way to fix it. It’s annoying and I don’t really know of any good solutions. You can check in the robot logs for more insight into what it could be, if you post those here us nerds could take a look

still the same issue even after software upgrade

@pavel_shliaha I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue. Can you share your logs and provide more info on the exact event? For example was it still the 180 transfer step protocol and you were not able to cancel after a pause?

@pavel_shliaha I have been investigating this more as there were two other customers with this issue on 7.1.x. We have found that a factory reset of runs history and boot scripts has resolved the canceling issue for them.

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my appologies for the lack of reply! I will do the reset as you suggest. Also could you please explain how to export the logs?

No worries at all! Directions for downloading logs can be found in this support article: