Robocolumns on Fluent!

Does anyone have a good example method that utilizes the robocolumns on a Fluent?

Training and installations covered only the most basics applications for Fluent Control, but documentation on utilizing the plate slide within a method is like a desert.

Interested in any example I can find. I got a method from an FSE but it was like super complex and wasn’t the easiest to re-engineer/apply :roll_eyes:


I haven’t had to use them yet but I’m happy to take a look at the method to help you make some sense of it.

I’m definitely an advanced EVO/Fluent user.


Yeah that be tight! I’ll upload the .zeia!

I have 15 years experience with Tecan automation & Robocolumns
Recently implemented a Fluent script - Tecan supplies scripts which exceed 5,000 lines and expect end users to manage them

Would be interested to discuss specific needs - a Fluent isn’t a Chromatography system but I’ve managed to align functions that bridge the difference


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Wow, that shuttle/holder looks different from the standard I got from Tecan. Does anyone else have issues with the standard shuttle waste tray not fully engaging and disengaging? I’ve had multiple times where it drips caustic over the sides or below the robocolumn holder and it has just eaten away at the not-very-waterproof shuttle below it.

On another note, the Robocolumns scripting wizard is not very practical when it comes to building a flexible workflow. It doesn’t utilize loops at all and the collection of samples can easily be thrown off if you change any of your lines of code. It’s almost better to write stuff out from scratch, or use the wizard to make a skeleton script and modify it with a much more practical structure where you can loop your column steps per CV (number of column injections per loop with vol per injection).

Are you using Robocolumns on an EVO or Fluent?
waste trays and dripping is a “feature”
I’ve built script functions that include better handling, active waste pumps

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I have an old ass EVO. I might have to breakout the calipers and calibrate my 3D printer to engineer something better. You’d think Tecan would’ve built something to avoid dripping problems…

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check this article out
details significant upgrade for EVO system to allow higher degree of concordance with chromatography on an AKTA system

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Is this possible on a Fluent with Te-chrom without software adaptions?

i am not sure I understand the question - with automation, software is the key to the kingdom

this functionality is available for a Fluent - pls email me and we can discuss offline

Hi, thanks for this discussion thread. I am new to automation and TECAN Fluent. I am also looking for training materials/literature for using the RoboColumn in a TECAN Fluent for chromatography process control studies. Does anyone know if there is a manual for the Tecan Fluent Control software? I am trying to find a manual that guides you through the editing process for these methods. Thanks again.

I’ve developed robocolumn protocols on the Fluent. Which version of FC do you have? They have a new smart command that is supposed to make things easier. Otherwise their default protocol is hard to work with (1000s of lines and difficult to edit). We wrote our own robocolumn protocol from scratch, but might not be necessary with the new smart command.

the fluentcontrol manual is > 75 Mb, almost 500 pages

what’s best way to share with you ?

the Tecan supplied script is v basic, not particularly “chromatography like” and a few thousand lines long

the new smart command makes script generation “easier” but still requires someone to program every run …

the journal article in this thread highlights what is possible to yield AKTA like results with Robocolumns - but this is definitely outside of what Tecan can offer

a walk up system where PD scientists select the experiment to run, load the instrument & walk away as the system dynamically executes each step of the process

plus this process has integrated pressure sensor feedback & inline detectors to alleviate the issues of fraction collection in plates and lack of resolution of UV detection

That’s awesome. we have version 3.3, which is supposed to have those smart commands. I guess I need to find the instructions on how to use them. Thank you for your reply.

Hi, thank you for your response. Yes, I have downloaded the journal paper you shared earlier in this thread. I will go over that. It would be great if you have the manual/instructions to use/edit the smart commands for methods, particularly for steps that one would use for the RoboColumns. Please forward any helpful literature to my personal email address ( should be able to use google drive)-

Thank you again for your support.



I have just sent you a link to a video showing how the smartcommand for TeChrom works in FluentControl.

Hi, thank you again for sending the video. Appreciate that. Best

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Can you share with the class? :star_struck:

@smohler here you go: MOV_2.5min Demo TeChrom SmartCommand.mp4