RPC Websocket Issue


sometimes (and only sometimes), protocols just stop in the middle of the runs, and after checking the log files, I could see that the RPB Websocket got open, was reconnecting, and directly after the move of the robot failed.

Did someone had a similar issue on their Opentrons?

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@innamalwina what software version are you on? We have seen issues with pauses on robots running older software (pre-5.0).


yes, that happened on version 4.7! Thanks for the hint.

You are welcome! I suggest updating the OT-2 to the most recent software version (6.3.1) when you have the time available to test out how the update impacts your application. Our article on how to update your OT-2 walks you through the update process.

Hey Ethan! I’m reluctant to update our opentrons unit because I fear that our calibration data will be erased. Is there any way I can ensure that the same calibration offsets / pipette information is kept during the update to 6.3? I can’t remember if it’s wiped or not, but I do know that calibration works differently in v6+

Hello @Shinedalgarno ! What are your fears regarding performing new calibrations on the OT-2? Without knowing more about what version you are on, it is hard to say what would need to be re-calibrated.

Regardless it is a good practice to calibrate the OT-2 routinely. We suggest performing new calibrations on a bi-yearly (6-month) cadence. Here is our Preventative Maintenance (PM).

In general, we introduced significant changes to calibration in v5. All of these changes have increased the reliability of our calibration stack. If you are curious about the calibration flow, our Get Started youtube videos walk you through the process. Here is the one for Deck Calibration. I think they are fantastic, but I am also in the videos. :joy:

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That is indeed a snazzy video Ethan, very nicely edited! I’ve gone through the process about a bajillion times I’d say though :laughing:.

My fears about performing new calibrations is that I don’t want to! I have about 70 protocols my users use so you can imagine the pain.

I have four units still on 4.7 and 3 units on 6.2 currently. I’m just not thrilled about upgrading the 4.7 ones because I’m afraid I’ll need to update all my calibration data, and I haven’t really had a satisfying answer from opentrons support whether I’d need to do that or not. The second reason is that the user interface changed significantly from 4.7 to 6.3 (which will confuse my users probably, especially with all the error messages that come up in the protocol tab in V6+ when importing custom python modules that live on the opentrons itself).

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That is understandable. I would recalibrate the machine if I were updating from 4.7 to 6.3.1+. You would have to only do this once after the update and twice a year based on our PM.

The one calibration you might have to redo would be the Labware Position Check. Since 6.0.0, it is possible to apply previous Labware Offsets across different protocols if the same type of labware is in the same deck slot on the same robot. So if those 70 protocols all use the same labware in the same slot, you would not have to perform the Labware Position Check for each one. If those 70 protocols all use different labware in different slots then might have to redo Labware Position Check, depending on the changes in labware between each protocol.

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