"Seeking Advice on Re-racking OT-2 Multi-Channel Tips with a Manual Pipet

Does anyone know what commercially available multi-channel tips the OT-2 tips. What i want to do is use a manual pipet to help re-rack the tips from partial racks together. I know how similar devices for Hamilton tips but I haven’t been able to find something that will work for the OT. Any advice would be awesome!


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I’m curious about devices used for re-racking partial Hamilton tips. Got any more info? I’ve seen someone use a P200 multichannel for Hamilton tips, but I wasn’t aware of a specific device to do it.

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Funny, all of our pipettes work just fine. I’ll check what we have:

We use 8-channel Gilson Pipettemans (pipettemen?) and an Eppendorf one, both p300. They pick up and drop OT p300 / p200 filter tips just fine for consolidation of pipette boxes

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In a previous role we have this tip mover from Phynexus - DAH-12-000-02 PhyTip® column transfer tool. Allows user to manually transfer 12 Hamilton tips at a time from one tip rack to another.

It works for their tips, but by definition then it will work for all tips on that system too.

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This is helpful! We only have Rainins in house, I will see if I can find a rando other pipette in our lab and try it out.

Can’t a Hamilton just do this natively do this since it’s not pressure based mounting?

Yes it does, but I trying to solve the problem for an OT2. And second I would never waste deck run time with a re-rack method when a person can do it much faster with the correct tool. tip mapping can get time consuming on a hamilton for partial used racks

That’s interesting. There was an opposite argument at my old job such that robots are more sterile than humans so the time spent on the robot >>> time spent dealing with human mistakes/contamination.

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Do you happen know which pipette fits the p20 OT-2 Tips?


I love the #OTnewbie tag!

I discussed this with our science team, who mostly use Gilson pipettes in their day-to-day. They prefer Eppendorf pipettes and have found they fit our tips very well. If you are mainly looking for a pipette to re-rack tips with, Dragon Labs would be the cheap option, which was also the pipettes used on the OT-One.

The ID of the 20 uL tips is 3.27 mm. You can find some of the dimensions of our tips in our labware library..


Hey @denise - any generic P10 will fit the P20 OT-2 tips (not Rainin LTS)

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