SLAS Europe 2024

Hi there,
Who else is going to SLAS Europe in Barcelona in May?

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Is this a ‘yes’ @Shinedalgarno?

Yeah I’ll be there with one of my scientists! Let’s meet up :sunglasses:

@Shinedalgarno yeah, for sure.
@jakobzeitler, I assume you are there as well?!
someone else?

I will be there and have a hall ticket left to share! :slight_smile:

Oh nice! Got anybody in mind to give it to? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am considering but am a bit reluctant. Have never been and heard that it is far from the format of SLAS US.
The program has a main focus on HT screening and AI. How big is the actual lab automation part?

I’ve never been there before either, we will see.