Spheroid / Organoid Culture

Hello fellow Lab Automation Nerds!

I was wondering if anyone has experience using automated platforms to perform media exchanges / stainings on organoid cell cultures.

I’m interested if people have experience using specific kinds of plates for this, general pipetting speeds / principles are, etc. My scientists are interested in automating this in 24/ 96 / and 384 wellplates.

Obviously the biggest issue I forsee is accidentally sucking up your organoids :sweat_smile:

Let me know if you have any thoughts / nuggets of wisdom



Here is one paper on Google Scholar that I found, they use a unique well design to trap the organoid in a pocket at the bottom inside matrigel, and then do media exchange without worrying about affecting the organoid.


Google Scholar can be very helpful when you’re working on something very advanced like this, good luck!

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I’ve done a small number of media changes with organoids on a Hamilton STARlet. We used the Corning 4515 Spheroid plates that have a dimple in the bottom for the organoid to sit. Using the 96 head with 300uL SLIM tips were could remove and replenish media without disturbing the organoid. For the aspiration and dispensing we reduced the pipetting speed to make the exchange gentle.