STAR 1536 Capability

Hey all! I was wondering if anyone here has some experience using 1536 plates on a STAR. I know it’s a capability listed in the spec sheet, but I have seen some iffy liquid transfers from 384 plates and wonder how robust an even smaller well format might be.

Hello! We use " Echo® Qualified 1536-Well Low Dead Volume Microplate by Labcyte Inc." in our StarLet only 8-channels. Our needs is to trasnfer 4 and 5 ul using 10μl Low Volume Tips (0.5μl – 10μl). Cv we have 2-3%. Our liquid is DMSO.

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The active nest plate carrier does a good job of making sure your wells are always in the same spot. Without it we noticed the tips would sometimes “click” on the edges of the wells when going in. This rarely caused us actual issues, but was disconcerting for the users.