TECAN liquid handling w/FCA, Get Attributes function for in-script value display

I have a script that utilizes a single FCA tip to “Detect Liquid”.
Immediately following I have a script line to set a variable, Name: MeasuredVolume, Value: GetAttribute(“RNACleanBeads[001]”, “Well[1].Volume”)
Following that I have “Standard”, which reports out MeasuredVolume.

This function is working correctly

However, what other attributes can I pull? Can I pull the Z_Liquid height, availableVolume, Z_Max height, zOffset?
Can I pull out an attribute from a liquid class? It would be nice if I could see directly in my script what the submerge depth is being utilized using this function rather than having to open up the liquid class.

Hi Liam,
you can create custom attributes for your labware, and then store parameters like “zOffset” - which can be used in the liquid class, and also the script,

The moving of parameters in FluentControl and especially to liquid classes is best approached using custom attributes in the labware,

there are also various worktable lookup functions in Help File, e.g. zMax(labwarename, Well, Compartment)

Thanks @Optimize , passing the parameters into the liquid class does seem feasible. I was hoping, that on a simpler note and with the immediately preceding “Detect Liquid”, the system should at least be able to give me the “AvailableVolume”. Is this attribute (availableVolume) not callable?

yes - available volume is callable:

AvailableVolume(labwareName, wellIndex, compartmentIndex, submergeDepth)

Second this

Chapter 12 of the FluentControl Manual has a lot of great examples.

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Thank you all! With your help I was empirically able to answer a question I posed to TECAN HelpDesk a few days back, but have yet to get a response.

I came across 2 different schematics on TECANs knowledge portal, and we weren’t sure if the submersion depth decreased the “Available Volume”. The discrepancy between the Freedom EVO and TECAN Fluent schematics was confusing. With your help being able to call the availableVolume(s) via variable calls, we got our answer!

We also asked the Tecan HelpDesk to, in simple terms, inform us on how the availableVolume is calculated. I understand the vessel compartment, being a straight cylinder/tapered/conical/etc. will play a part in that calculation, however a simplified version should be made available for discussion purposes.

Is it something like (zLiquid level - Submersion depth)-((zMax+zOffset)-zBottom), then taking the bottom and top Z-levels of this compartment “plug” to determine available volume?

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Interesting so theoretically you can get a “dead volume” calc back?

This is useful for auditing labware definitions.

yep, in the main front script, very helpful. Very glad I found this website, everyone has been super helpful!

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