Using Non-Tecan Tips on a Fluent

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Trying to use Nest tips on the Fluent System. The Tecan consumables have become exorbitant. The fluent won’t pick up the tips. I’ve tried playing around with Z-Travel and Z-Dispense on a custom labware but I’m struggling to get the system to reliably pick up the tips.

Any advice? Has anyone managed to successfully use other tips on the system and how did you edit the labware?

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It’s been a hot second since I’ve done any real Tecan scripting, so I expect someone to correct me on this:
But I believe Z-Max affects the pickup location/force. At least of the MCA, so it should be similar for the FCA as well
As well, I’ve 100% seen 3rd party tips used on the system. Officially, they’re “not tested” and Tecan “can’t confirm reliability”, but if you find something that works for your application, go for it
You can always duplicate existing tip definitions to get your starting point, just make sure to modify “TipCapacity” and “TipDimension” in Custom Attributes.
And now that I’m looking at it, there’s a “Mount Offset” attribute. Maybe someone else can confirm if that affects pickup, but it sounds like it might.

I do know the tip dispense height in a piece of labware is what dictates where tips are RELEASED. I tricked my system to drop MCA384 tips into an empty tip box, rather than through a “Tip guide” which would cover our on-deck “Through MCA Waste Chute”. I have been searching for other tip suppliers for the Tecan system, so any information you can provide may prove useful! If I can get my hands on clear FCA tips, even better! I know VWR sells J.T. Baker FCA tips, however those are black opague as well and I’m currently seeking out clear tips. Happy to share my results here with you.

Okay, I’ve found what NEST tips are. Manufacturered by “”. Some information I compiled below:

Thank you! Tried creating a custom labware and applying your suggestion of the Z-Max. Varied success at this point. The Mount Offset doesn’t seem to have a large effect or influence.

Still trying a few things. Will revert if I succeed.

Yes. These are currently the ones I’m struggling with. Happy to share how they perform once I succeed.

I would compare the teachings of a standard rack and modify that for a custom tip as much as possible.

Compare how high z-travel, z-start, z-dispense, and z-max are from the rack and keep the same proportional information for the new tips. Definitely change the tip lengths or you may collide all over the deck on accident if Path Finder has that info wrong.

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Feedback: Managed to get the tips mounted by adjusting Z-Max. Also the Mount Offset lowered to accommodate for the mounting depth.

NEST tips perform badly. The Fluent System randomly ejects the tips during the run. Also, the liquid level detection is iffy at best.

Will update if I find a better alternative.

We also tried the Nest tips without success.
I ended up using a set of vernier calipers to determine the internal diameter of the tip head.
The Nest tips are fractions of a mm larger than the Tecan ones. I think this is why they don’t pick up properly.

I am also looking at alternative tips.
I got some samples from YankBio.

The black tips seem to do the job. I just did a “get tips”, aspirate, dispense and set-back and it performed well. without making any changes to custom labware.

I will be trying the multi dispense tomorrow.

Now that I think about it, I’ve evaluated Axygen tips in the past as well.

The Axygen website doesn’t mention the Fluent in compatibility. I suppose that those tips did not perform properly.
I think that the diameters of the FCA heads have been changed for the Fluent, compared to the Evo and other versions.

They have not I believe.